Neugart Calculation Program – NCP 4.0 is online since 01.03.2018

The Neugart GmbH produces and sells worldwide planetary gears, custom made gear boxes and customized toothing parts. Since 2007 NOVA Software GmbH and Neugart GmbH have cooperated to develop the Neugart Calculation Program – NCP. While version 1.0 was still an application on CD, from March 1st 2018 the latest version 4.0 is available online on After the download is complete, administrator rights are not necessary to install the software. Also, the software can be used offline.

NCP4_MainWindowFrom the load via the gearbox to the motor - NCP 4.0 calculates and visualizes the design of an entire drive train. Once again, usability and an intuitive surface have been our first priorities. To this end, the design adapts automatically to the medium in use, in order to benefit maximally from the variant screen sizes. The user can see the application data and the graphically enhanced computation results at once. NCP4_Tooltip_Torque

With NCP 4.0, several drive trains can be combined in one project, which reduces the effort of documenting and storing and therefore saves valuable memory resources. The visualized dynamics and load curves for each drive train remains visible.

Newcomers will appreciate the illustrated tool tips, that support the intuitive workflow by offering valuable information in case of ambiguities. The integrated force calculator tool easily calculates non rectangular forces acting on the drive shaft, incoherent input will be displayed, the improved import/export interface for dynamics and load curves ensures a trouble free exchange of data. The product range has been revised and facilitated. The motor database has been enlarged to 14.000 motors by over 80 different manufacturers.NCP4_Gearbox_Productfilter

Compatibility to the former version is guaranteed, so projects created with version 3.0 can still be opened and edited with the new version.