BAV.Lims-DokuMaat developed

The BAV Institut für Hygiene und Qualitätssicherung GmbH in Offenburg is one of the largest and most advanced microbiological laboratories in Germany. To manage and to process adequately the number of samples in a day, now the DokuMaat was developed as a further component of the BAV-laboratory information management system (LIMS) by the NOVA Software GmbH.

The complete correspondence of BAV (sample results, sales orders, invoices) is now archived electronically and stored in the BAV.Lims-document management system. All internal documents are provided with a bar code, which defines the document type and the asignment clearly. For external documents barcodes can be printed, that define the future association.

All documents are scanned als PDF documents, mostly as a batch processing of the scanner. The BAV.Lims-DokuMaat service monitors the newly created PDF documents. It analyzes the content (searches for barcodes) and arranges the documents to the BAV.Lims-documents management system, which were identified by the barcode.

Each page is saved after scanning in a separate PDF file. The DokuMaat summarizes related pages back together in a PDF document if the document type and the assignment are identical.

Performance data:
Automatically assigned documents per day: approx. 900 PDF documents
Documents managed so far: approx. 140.000 PDF documents