Comfortable gauges-navigator at HAHN+KOLB

On its website, the HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH from Stuttgart makes a navigator for gauges available to customers. HAHN+KOLB Lehren-Navigator1Gauges with special tolerances and sizes can be chosen and procured quickly and comfortable from the comprehensive supply. Easy and intuitive the customer can find online the answer in just a few steps.     
HAHN+KOLB - Lehren-Navigator2
The selection of a gauge type (eg bore, snap, flat, ring or thread gauges) stands at the beginning. After that the nominal dimensions as ISO fit or as numerical tolerance must be entered and also the coating or the material is defined. The proposed gauge is pushed to the cart and sent directly as a query to HAHN+KOLB. This procedure ensures a quick processing at HAHN+KOLB and avoids time-consuming queries and incorrect deliveries.