20 years NOVA Software GmbH


To develop electronic catalogues in the early 1990s - the era of MS-DOS and floppy disks - was a bold venture. But that was the aim of Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Klaus Armbruster and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Harald Witt, who founded the "NOVA Software GmbH, development, consulting" in February 1992. The two young engineers settled in the technology park Offenburg and got with their innovative solutions numerous companies as clients.

The company's history began with the development of the electronic catalogues CCS and TEC. These tools assisted users in the selection of milling, threading and drilling tools. Specify of the cutting data and tool life facilitated utilizing the tools by the user enormously. The demand was great and very soon, the young company could increase. The first employees were hired.

Due to technical progress CD-ROMs soon replaced the floppy disks on which the electronic catalogues were previously stored. Also spread the World Wide Web, making the product spectrum of NOVA Software extended again. The electronic catalogues for product selection were now present on the Internet by the use of online stores. Only a short time later product data were used also for the generation of paper catalogues and price lists.

Leader of various industries appreciate the offer of electronic catalogues, so that NOVA Software could win them as customers. The idea was: to build a product database for maintaining data, and to use these data for different output media. Print catalogues, catalogues on CD/DVD and Web catalogues at any time with current data can be produced "at your fingertips". This considerably reduces the production time.

ElplanDos, developped 1993
Elplan 1.2a was developped in 1993.

A second pillar of NOVA Software GmbH is the development of customer-specific individual software. Here the ranges of customers and their needs are particularly great. For example, a specific document management is created for a leading engineering company. Another company required an electronic schedule board for order processing and machine management. A laboratory company can manage with his special laboratory information management system now all food samples safely, publish the results secured on the Internet for its customers and also settle to the customer. Even auction houses work with a NOVA-auction software with which the objects are managed, published, auctions are performed and billed. Also the sporty side is covered by the NOVA Software GmbH: Under wrestling competitions are managed at home and abroad and results are published. 

2003 the company moved into new offices in the "Long Franz" in Offenburg. It was training quite a few apprentices successfully lead to the it-specialist for application development at the end and take over. 2012, the NOVA Software GmbH celebrates the 20th anniversary as a promising company. Customers appreciate the many years of experience and practice-oriented approach. This is a merit of the qualified and highly-motivated staff of NOVA Software GmbH.