New web product catalogue of Raric AG


The Raric AG, a Swiss family company, is active in the import & selling of fittings and armatures. Fittings for building services and industry in all sizes of 1/8'' to 4" both in red brass, brass and Inox AISI 316 are available from stock. Beyond that a comprehensive range of ball valves, flanges, one-way armatures and stopcocks or PE screw joints is available.

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The NOVA Software GmbH developed a software for the Raric AG with which the entire assortment can be presented modern and customer-oriented. Via search engine the customer can look for products within the catalogue completely aimed and differentiated. All products are displayed graphically attractive and completely with technical design. The product collection and management, e.g. different languages, is made on-line by a Web surface into a central data base. As a result the data administration can take place also except house, e.g. of external coworkers.