The compass "Balzers Coating Guide"


Balzers Coating Guide

Today, in punching, forming, and injection moulding, the cost-effectiveness of a process generally mandates the use of PVD-coated tools. However, it has become increasingly difficult to determine the specific coating that promises the greatest possible benefit under a given set of manufacturing conditions. Precisely this choice is made easy with the 'Balzers Coating Guide Forming', which helps the user find the optimum solution in only a few steps. It identifies the coating that promises the best results within the scope of the customer's specific process parameters. This "production-optimising compass" is available on CD-ROM and  via the Internet (

"You select your language and go straight to the desired field of application," says project manager Michael Dietz about the guide's user-friendly structure. The Balzers Coating Guide Forming is designed to deliver the correct solution within seconds after entering only a few items of information. In the case of punching and forming, these include the type of process involved, be it punching, fine blanking, or deep drawing, etc., the workpiece material, and the relevant process parameters. The display always shows detailed information on the recommended coating and provides results achieved in real-world applications. Video clips are available for certain domains to visualise the advantages of coated tools.

"The great success of the Balzers Coating Guide for cutting tools shows that the market has been eagerly awaiting such a resource. Although it can be accessed via the Balzers web site, we distributed 10.000 CD-ROMs within a very short period of time", says project manager Michael Dietz. Of course, the Balzers Coating Guide is regularly updated. Periodically new developments and the latest results from the co-operation with customers and research institutes are integrated. The customers should  reap continuously the greatest possible benefits from PVD coatings.