RPC descides for NOVA.base

The RPC TEDECO GIZEH with headquarters in the Netherlands decides for the medium-neutral product data base NOVA.base of NOVA Software GmbH. On basis of the product information management solution the enterprise promises itself a substantial increase of the efficiency of its previous sales and marketing activities. The production of the print catalogues as well as their illustration in the internet, in an online catalogue with shop binding, is to realize high-automated in many languages.

In the first project step all relevant informations of the products (texts, translations, drawings, product relations) is seized in the medium-neutral product data base NOVA.base. In the second step the user-optimized online catalogue with helpful search functionalities is designed, a separate data administration is not necessary.

With the NOVA solution RPC TEDECO GIZEH achieves substantial discharges within the range of data preparation, translation and a faster and more economical production of print and online media.