Neugart automatizes its print catalogues


The modular NOVA Cross Media Publishing system was adapted individually to the needs of the Neugart GmbH in few weeks. The core forms the media-independent product data base, NOVA.base. It contains all product data, such as tables, text and pictures. It is hold up-to-date with an editorial system, the WebClient. Emanating from his name, the WebClient makes information accessible via Internet or Intranet. This makes possible a distributed editorial topography. Translation is accomplished within it's own workflow. Now the structured data are available for different media.

By means of NOVA.print the production of print catalogues via database publishing is no more a problem. In Adobe InDesign the templates are provided. The appropriate data are exported directly from the medium-neutral product data base NOVA.base into these templates. Worth mentioning it is that the print catalogue is provided to 99% automatically. It is nearly not necessary to touch up. Further publications (e.g. different languages, partial catalogues) cause hardly additional expenditure.

From NOVA.base the data is used to provide the Neugart Internet-catalogue. Thus the online-catalogue is always up-to-date and consistent. Cross Media Publishing is the key.

A convincing solution. Further applications such as NOVA.disc may be added. Sophisticated calculation modules and product-data-driven selections on CD-ROM will simplify product search and will enhance user convenience and experience.

„Finally, our whole company profits from this system: Expirations will become optimized, reactivity will be increased, uniform communication will be ensured and the costs will be drastically lowered.“

Stefan Füllbrand, Marketing manager Neugart.