NCP 2.5 with a lot of new functions


The NOVA Software GmbH developed the calculation software NCP for the Neugart GmbH. The Neugart GmbH produces and sells planetary gears, custom made gear boxes and toothings worldwide. The company introduced NCP (Neugart Calculation Program) in winter 2007. NOVA Software GmbH  now developed the new version 2.5. A lot of new features could be realized.


Apart from the general load case, which was already available since introduction of the software, the user has now two further applications for the selection: "pinion-spur rack" and " rotary table". In addition the new PLN serie was integrated into the gear box data base of NCP. As well, the engine data base was supplemented by a number of new engines, so that over 5500 engines are now available by default. Moreover the user can select now new computation possibilities, various new tools and new display mode.

NCP 2.5 is a convincing software, which is to be served fast and intuitively. Supported by a large engine data bank, diverse applications, all gear box data and many helpful tools NCP is the ideal assistance. Due to the multilingualness this system can be used world-wide.