Ganter product catalogue with shop is on-line


The introduce of  NOVA.base as mediaindependent product database gives the Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG from Furtwangen lots of new possibilities. But first NOVA.base was adapted to the demands of Ganter.

  • Integration in actual working organisation
  • Adoption of existing data
  • Interface to ERP-system
  • Connection to the existing image database

Thus NOVA.base was optimally integrated and is now the base for the data base-supported production of catalogues. First the product catalogue in the Web was completely revised. A highlight is reliably the selection of products over special properties. That succeeds very simply and surely. The user is led to the correct product.

Besides a new layout you find a lot of new functions.

  • Numerous meta informations for search machines
  • Clear presentation of the products via tree structure
  • Selection of products via properties
  • Access via Quick-Finder
  • Clear presentation of the standard sheet
  • Easy definition of the articel via properties
  • Shopping cart
  • Assistent for orders in 5 steps
  • Confirmation of the order by e-mail
  • Interface to Cadenas 3D-data
  • Smooth integration into existing CMS