DORMER produces US-print-catalogue fully automated via NOVA.print


The british company Dormer Tools Ltd. is one of the leading world-wide manufacturer of qualitatively high-quality precision tools. Dormer Tools Ltd. uses already since years the components of the NOVA Software GmbH for the production of its different catalogues. The medium-neutral product data base has an efficient Web Client. With this client the product managers acting world-wide maintain the data central.

From this product data base the data for the US-print catalogue are taken. The template is designed by Adobe InDesign and with the component NOVA.print the nessecary data are prepared. The following documents are produced:

  • Catalogue in 6 languages
  • Visual Index Page as general index
  • Pricelist with different currencies

For Dormer Tools Ltd. the following profits are given:

  • With one template the whole catalogue is realized
  • Lower layout and setting costs
  • The degree of automatism is over 90%
  • Qualitiy improvement caused on consistent data source
  • Cost saving by changing of blackfilms
  • Fast changing of languages because of unicode
  • High flexibility with dynamical generating of tables