Laboratory software

The BAV Institut in Offenburg offers food, farmaceutical and cosmetics companies an extensive range of services relating to hygiene and quality assurance. In addition to laboratory tests, the customers also receive comprehensive support by numerous consulting, training courses and service achievements.

The NOVA Software GmbH developed a LIMS for the BAV Institut, LIMS stands for Laboratory Information Management System. This category of software systems is concerned with the data processing in the biological laboratory. The web application LIMS of the NOVA Software GmbH facilitates the laboratory work for BAV and their customers substantially. With LIMS the overview of the samples and results is significantly better and faster possible. At the same time, data security is, of course,  ensured.

Via the BAV sample portal on the Net, customers receive information at any time about their samples:
  • Individual sample data recording by the customer, also by Excel import.
  • Automated, regular data transfer into the BAV.Lims.
  • Laboratory results appear in the internet more quickly.
  • Immediate information by email, as soon as new results for the customer are present.
  • For the users different rights can be assigned.
  • All changes in the LIMS are documented.
  • Export of test results to Excel or XML files.
BAV Ergebnisse
With the BAV.Lims-DokuMaat all written documents are managed and archived electronically:
  • On each internal document (test results, orders, invoices) a barcode is printed for an unambiguous assignment.
  • External papers get bar codes stuck on printed separately.
  • All documents are scanned with batch processing and the created PDF documents are committed into the DokuMaat.
  • The DokuMaat analyzes the content based on the barcodes and assigns the documents to the BAV.Lims document management system.
  • Via the barcodes, sides belonging together are combined again to a single PDF document.
  • Approx 1800 PDF documents are automatically processed daily.