Custom-made software

Standard software can do various things. But, does a standard software exactly offer what you need for your enterprise? At the junction where standard software ends, we are beginning!

Benefits of custom-made software

For the central critical business processes there is frequently no standard software. Many problems are evenly no standard. But custom-made software still offers even more advantages:

  • Custom-made assistance of business critical processes
  • Simple handling, because unnecessary fields/features are cancelled
  • Independence from product strategies of the software producers
  • Competitive advantage by differentiation and innovation
  • The source code is your property
  • With our developments you do not pay license fees
Application development with component technology

Naturally we don't reinvent the wheel with the production of custom-made software at each customer.
We can take to existing elements from our component system for your individual solution. We develop special software, which is tailor-made to your requirements. You simplify thereby your workflow and increase in this way the productivity. Here some possibilities:

  • Economical solutions like e.g. administration of orders
  • Technical applications like e.g. design generators
  • Database solutions based on SQL-server
  • Extensions based on Office packages

Developing customized applications is our main business. For this purpose, we attach great importance to co-operation with the customer.