Print catalogues

The printed catalogue is still indispensable. That's why NOVA.print edits catalogue data for your print catalogue. This is the only way for you to prevent redundancies and costs rising thereby. Additional benefits:

  • Automatical positioning of all subjects
  • Clear reduction of error
  • Short response time with the production
  • Expenditure for print preliminary stage is minimized

Savings result from the automatic import of data (text and images) by composing the correct typographical instructions. 

Important characteristics of NOVA.print
  • Administration of different catalogues, price lists, product flyer
  • Organization of catalogues into chapters
  • Editorial components based on pages
  • Distribution attitudes: paper format, language, currency
  • Numerous data exchange formats (XML, HTML, CSV etc.)
  • Base technology is XML
  • Via XSLT-transformation data are adapted to the layout
  • Integrated XSL-development environment
  • Surveillance via installed HTML-Browser
  • Dynamical generating of tables
  • Prominent setting systems can be headed for by our auxiliary components
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