CD catalogue / DVD catalogue

NOVA.disc provides a higher IQ for your catalogue on CD-ROM. We provide benefit:

  • Consulting component for product selection
  • Recommendations with the product employment
  • Interaction over e-mail or internet
  • Additional attractive enterprise presentation

With NOVA.disc, you support your customers off-line. You can constantly adapt NOVA.disc to your needs adding auxiliary components.

Important characteristics of NOVA.disc

  •  Adaptable to the Corporate Design of your enterprise
  • The catalogue can be adapted over customer numbers
  • Product representation by photos, diagrams and tables
  • Multimedia presentations by audio, video and animations
  • Search for part number and article description
  • Hierarchical search and full text search
  • Several languages, including Russian, Chinese etc.
  • Administration of several price lists switch-able via passwords
  • Change-over of the unit of measurement between millimetre and inch
  • Order over shopping cart by fax or e-mail
  • Interface to the online shopping cart, order history
  • Starts directly from CD-ROM, without installation