Since 1992, NOVA Software GmbH is a leading manufacturer of electronic catalogues. 1995 - the word e-commerce did not even exists - we were integrating online functions into our electronic catalogues. As early as 1997, we were developing our first internet catalogues.  At the same time, we started providing cross-media-solutions to share data on multiple media.

Today, our catalogues are in world-wide use, available in over 20 languages. Many of our e-commerce-solutions and web shops are online, a huge number of internet appearances using our content management system too. A further emphasis are our individual software solutions for commercial and technical branches.

You can find market-leaders as well as middle-class companies among our customers, all of which are from very different industrial sectors. Our customers do not only come from Germany. We have world-wide engagements,  in Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom for example.

If you are in need for software, we offer professional consultation and tailor-made solutions to you. We consider your conception and planning. We analyze your requirements and your business processes. Then, we provide a modular application, using our high performance components. That leads to a final product, offering future security and economical benefits to you.

In the future, our emphasis lays on the optimization of business processes for both customer and supplier. Your advantages thereby are cost reduction, increase in sales and a higher customer satisfaction.